Unconventional warriors

A music battle, Nirvana vs Pearl Jam a dear friend: “I’m drunk, damn!” We’re in the same time at the same place seems like we’re in an unreal space You see me, I see you, we know we are free and our souls are starting to join in we just know we’ll work together to […]

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Neverending Fear

She shows me how to suffer and gives me the strenght to be undercover She grows up inside my veins filling them up all the time with pain I try to run away from that missing my family, my friends, anyone Shit comes over so fast so loud sincerly I don’t see a way to […]

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Open Book

Pictures kept on the fridge what’s left in the backstage? We’ve found a way to go through by a never-said word, only you chose to save your empty freedom Come to me, now, try it I’m an open book, now, see it Want you to come over or just leave and grow up lonely? Anger […]

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Save the Queen

You come at the office wearing brands and drinking coffee wave your hands like a queen “I want peace and love as a dream” Your fluffy face is so clean your eyes are clearly sick that smile like a razor tip but inside… Inside you’re ugly like a monkey your heart is freezing Now deal […]

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