Say goodbye

Conquer the world by only a word: say goodbye to the past events, tell the future your sadly revenges. Walking by other feet, leading you to another street, they’re blinding your eyes with almost ten thousand lies. You believe in their actions ‘cause they are your infection. Still waiting for nothing to change while the […]

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Nevermind: he was a negative creep

It’s all about a girl, Molly, who should have been a son. Molly’s lips are made by beeswax, in which all men would dive. She is a sliver, negative creep. She likes mexican seafood and she used to have a pennyroyal tea and big cheese flavour biscuits. One day, at school, she meets Mr. Moustache, […]

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C’è un posto dove

Un posto per me speciale Un luogo dove le mie mani non sudano Una stanza come una piazza Una sedia sulla quale riposare Una porta senza lucchetto Un tavolo come riparo per le gambe stanche Una scala di pochi alti gradini Un tappeto per il rumore dei miei passi Una finestra dalla quale non mi […]

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You could be everything

Liar you could be a liar Everything you’ll say will pass away Selfish you could be selfish Everything you’ll do will turn back Cruel you could be cruel Everything you’ll catch will hurt you Boring you could be boring Everything you’ll dream will be the same Fool you could be a fool Everything you’ll think […]

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